A great alternative to pet boarding kennels. It combines dedicated home based pet care with the added advantage of additional home security. Allowing pets to stay in their own safe and secure environment, with familiar sights, smells, routines, comforts, toys, food and treats whilst being lavished with individual attention and affection while you are away.

Bespoke service provided in accordance with clients’ requirements. Typically includes:

  • Free 1-to-1 consultations with clients and their housemates for bonding;

Dog Holiday
Samuel undertakes his hourly squirrel inspection at home
  • Outdoor recreation/adventures;

  • Games with favourite toys;

  • Cuddles and belly rubbing;

  • Cleaning and grooming;

  • Reinforcement of training and routines;

  • Feeding/administration of medication;

I deliver all services personally so you will never have to worry about who has access to your home or responsibility for caring for your beloved pets.

Dog Sitting

Barney’s bonkers about his creature comforts

I am fully insured with Pet Business Insurance Direct  to take care of your pets and have an up to date police check (Criminal Record Bureau certificate) for your peace of mind.

In addition I am certified by National Associates of Registered Pet Sitters. As a Trade Association for the Industry they are involved primarily with the proper care of Pets and Property and their aim is to set and maintain standards accordingly. So you can be assured that I am fully responsible and dedicated to the welfare of your pets and home.


Prices for Pet-Sitting:

£35 per night

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